Meet the long-awaited continuation of the adventure game, in which the character named Amanda participates in an exciting journey. The virtual world offers levels and tasks of different types and difficulty, including solving puzzles, fighting enemies, exploring the game world and collecting valuable items. In Amanda the adventurer 2, you can meet a variety of characters, uncover interesting storylines and upgrade your hero’s skills. This is a real challenge for everyone who wants to immerse themselves in an amazing virtual world.

On the road for ancient artifacts!

The action revolves around the main character named Amanda, a brave adventurer. She goes on an exciting journey to find an ancient artifact that can give unusual powers and abilities.
Along the way, Amanda faces various trials and dangers. She explores mysterious locations – intricate labyrinths, ancient ruins and mysterious dungeons. During the game, she will also have to fight enemies.
Through the development of the plot, you will uncover the mysteries associated with the artifact and meet interesting characters who will help you, or vice versa – present new challenges. With each level passed and the task completed, Amanda will receive a new skill that will help her overcome all obstacles and achieve her goal.

Amanda The Adventurer 2

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