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If you’re into the genre of visual novel games, Summertime Saga definitely deserves your complete attention. Here you will take on the role of a young guy (you will be able to come up with a name for him yourself) who just lost his dad and ended up in a foster family. And he has his last school year to finish. It’s up to you whether this year will turn out well for him in the end!

Your choice, your life!

The first thing that should be told about Summertime Saga is that in this game you can actually have a sway over the plot with your choices. Almost every scene includes them, especially those with dialogues. By ticking off the right boxes, you can wind up being a science star in your class, shaking the underground rap scene or even dating your own French teacher!

As you move through the story, you’re going to visit various locations where you can try specific activities and hang out with various characters. First up, we’ve got the school. It’s your typical high school, with all the cliques, bullies, and drama you can handle. But there’s also some seriously weird stuff going on, like secret societies and creepy teachers. It’s definitely not your average high school experience!

Then there’s the beach. This place is a total paradise, with golden sand, crystal-clear water, and babes in bikinis as far as the eye can see. You can fish here, too, and even sell the fish you catch at a profit! That’s just one of the possibilities to make money in the game – you can also apply for a part-time job as a delivery guy at a local pizza joint and such.

And if you’re looking for some good old-fashioned fun, you’ve gotta check out the local arcade mall. It’s a total blast from the past, with classic arcade games, neon lights, and sweet tunes blaring from the speakers. Here you can even become a little smarter – like by passing that tricky maze runner gamer.

Make friends and love!

Since the game revolves around teenagers, a good bulk of it is dedicated building relationships. You can talk to anyone and everyone, and it’s up to you how you interact with them. You can be smooth as silk and charm your way into their hearts, or you can be a total goofball and make ’em laugh.

But be careful – not everyone’s gonna be down with your style. Some people are gonna be straight-up hostile, and you’ll have to decide whether to back down or fight back. It’s all about reading the room and figuring out who’s on your side and who’s against you.

And let’s not forget about the ladies. There’s no shortage of hot babes in Summertime Saga, and it’s up to you to woo them with your suave moves and killer charm. Whether it’s the most popular girl at school or a shy cutie in thick glasses spending her entire time in the library, or even the mother of another girl who lives next door, there is a chance to hook up with any of them. But don’t think it’s gonna be easy – these girls have high standards and they’re not gonna fall for just any schmuck.

Mind your stats!

That’s where your stats come in handy. This is something that can make or break your game. You gotta be strong, agile, smart, and charming if you wanna make it in this crazy world. But don’t worry – you can improve your stats easy.

For instance, by hitting the gym and pumping some iron, or taking karate classes to up your agility. If you’re more of a brainiac, you can boost your smarts by playing computer games and taking science class like a boss.

And let’s not forget about charisma. You gotta have that charm to win over the ladies and make friends with the dudes. Lucky for you, you can work on your social skills by talking to characters and taking special lessons.

New story every time!

Based on the decisions you make, Summertime Saga can have multiple plot lines and multiple endings. And you’re welcome to check them all out replaying the game once in a while! By taking a totally different line of behavior, you can discover all sorts of hidden plots and crazy events this game abounds in. So no matter how many times you’ve already passed it and how many hours you’ve spend playing it, there is always lots of new things to enjoy.

So whether you’re a fan of visual novel games in particular or just looking for something new and unusual to have fun with, Summertime Saga will surely give you a great time. Start playing it online right now and enjoy every moment!

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