Vermin God Prologue is not your average horror game. It’s a visual novel that’s carefully crafted to keep you on the edge of your seat. The narrative is designed to create an immersive and interactive horror experience that you won’t soon forget!

Save the heroine’s life!

You play as an unfortunate 18-year old girl who’s been hit with a strange infection called the Vermin God Disease. This creepy illness attracts all sorts of nasty critters like roaches, worms, and rats to the victim’s body and surrounding area, producing a human infestation that’ll make your skin crawl. Not the best thing to catch for a young girl like you! And you don’t want to die, either.

Will you find a cure?

So you set out to search for a cure. You don’t even know if it exists, but you have to try. Even if it means going on a really long and perilous trip or risking your life by mixing up with some shady people and getting involved in some dubious stories. And in this game, your choices really matter. You get to decide Sye’s fate by making choices based on your mood or the information available to you. Get ready to make some tough decisions and face the horrors of the mysterious disease in this eerie and atmospheric game!

Vermin God – Prologue

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