What is a typical range of teenage interests? Hanging out with friends, listening to music, skating and fighting, watching superhero movies and of course dating. All of that is right here, in Summertime Saga. And you can finally check out the latest version of the game that will carry you over to the amazing and carefree teen world where you can have lots of fun, fall in love and deal with problems easy and cheekily!

Build relationships and enjoy romance

Like any story about a teen who goes to school, Summertime Saga has plenty of characters. To start with, after the death of your father you’ll be taken in by a woman named Debbie who has her own daughter Jenny. These are the first people you’re going to meet and hence will have to build some sort of a relationship with. A little bit of kinky spoiler – both of them are romanceable and you can have an affair with them! You just have to make the right choices in dialogue and various interactions to lead to it.

And so are most of your female classmates and teachers. Are you into a shy girl who barely speaks to anyone? Or maybe you’re more into geek girls wearing glasses, playing computer games and reading comics books? How about that real beautiful one? Be careful though, she has very strict parents, and it might potentially be problematic. Maybe you’re into older women? The whole teaching stuff is rather cute and not unwilling to hook up with handsome students. Oh, and has it already been mentioned this is a game with a +18 rating?

Explore the town, try different activities and have fun

But Summertime Saga is not only about having romance and making love. There are also plenty of other great things to do. For instance, you have your best friend Erik who is a computer game addict. And there is that punk girl that is so cool and obviously knows a lot about music. If you hang out with her, you will gain access to art classes, and music classes, and even rap battles that are so much fun! Plus there are all sorts of locations with specific activities that you can visit – for instance, go fishing, play mini-games at the mall or get a part-time job to save up some money. The opportunities are immense, and the story is amazing! Start right now and see what ending you’ll get to!

Summertime Saga Latest Version 2023

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