Meow, meow, cat lovers! Do you wanna play a game where you get to be a cute cat girl who’s on a quest for love? In this game, you play as a feline girl lady trying to get back together with her ex-boyfriend. And what’s the best way to win him back? That’s right, a love potion!

Cats in love

But here’s the catch: this love potion is not easy to come by, and our cat heroine must go on an adventure filled with obstacles and dangers to get it. You’ll encounter all sorts of hurdles on your journey, like pesky mice who want to steal your food, doggos who bark their heads off to keep you from getting to the potion, and even a nasty witch who wants to use the potion for her own nefarious purposes.

Overcome all the hurdles and save your love!

Fear not though, because you have a few tricks up your furry sleeves. You can use your cat-like reflexes to dodge obstacles, pounce on your enemies, and claw your way to victory. Plus, you can collect special cat treats along the way that will give you extra powers and abilities.

The game is filled with plenty of cute and crazy moments that will have you purring with joy. So what are you waiting for? Embark on this long and dangerous journey and get the potion that will help you mend your relationship!

Cat Girl Valentine Story Deep Water

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