A visual novel that invites players to immerse themselves in a unique story. Here you will have to make decisions and influence the course of events.
The plot of Mumei’s silly valentine focuses on the main character named Mumei, who gets involved in funny and unusual events during Valentine’s Day. The player will have to explore different places, interact with a variety of characters and make decisions that will determine the development of the plot and the ending of the story.

Create your own ending

In the game, you can choose dialogue options and actions, which directly affects relationships with other characters and the development of relationships within the story. Depending on the decisions made, the player can see different endings and see different plot outcomes.
Graphic style – bright, animated, using colorful backgrounds. The voice acting does not play a decisive role – the dialogues are mostly text only.
So, the game offers players the opportunity to immerse themselves in a fascinating story, enjoy interaction with characters and make decisions that will affect the development of the plot. This game may be of interest to fans of visual novels, stories with elements of romance and relationships.

Mumei’s Silly Valentine

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