Night of the Consumers is a PC game that offers a unique and immersive gaming experience that contains elements of horror and survival. The user assumes the role of an ordinary worker in a supermarket, who finds himself locked inside the building after it closes. The challenge is to successfully complete your shift by serving virtual clients and completing various tasks. But tonight everything goes wrong…

Interesting plot and gripping ending

The scenario is based on the chaotic and unrealistic atmosphere of a supermarket, where customers behave strangely and unpredictably. The player must find ways to serve customers, collect goods, avoid trouble, and at the same time not get into sticky situations. During the game, various obstacles and puzzles appear that need to be solved in order to move forward.
The graphics are made in retro style, which gives it a special charm and atmosphere of the 90s. The whole gameplay is filled with humor, unexpected events and dynamics. Dialogues – text, in English. Night of the Consumers allows players to enter the fun and disturbing world of retail and experience all the hardship and chaos that comes with running a supermarket in unpredictable mode.

Night Of The Consumers

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