Do you love games where you’re not just tethered to some static, prewritten storyline, but can actually twist and change it by making different choices and decisions? If so, welcome to Summertime Saga! Here you’re about to spend a whole summer together with a usual 18-year-old guy whom you’ll definitely grow to like a lot. So let’s jump right in and see what comes out of it!

The most eventful summer of your life

The whole thing starts off as the main hero of Summertime Saga is trying to deal with a family tragedy. His father just died, and he is basically left an orphan. He just turned eighteen, and it’s his last year at school. Afterwards, he’ll have to go to college, decide what he is going to study and what his whole further life will be connected with. It’s already too much to deal with, but as a teenager, your hero also has a constant desire for love, personal and physical connection. So most of the gameplay will be you wandering around the town, checking out its multiple locations, talking to characters, including your foster family, friends, teachers and classmates and trying to hit on girls you like.

The gameplay unfolds as a sequence of scenes in which you visit various locations and interact with other characters. Every time you have an option to do or say something, the game will probe you with a tip box and you just have to make your choice. These choices will send the plot in one of the many possible directions, so every time you play Summertime Saga you’ll basically have a different story.

Explore the town, meet friends, date, have fun!

Since this is a game about teenagers, love and romance play a crucial part in the whole plot. Most of the characters you are going to meet are female, and you and build a romantic relationship with almost any of them, despite of their age and status. Be it that cute shy girl from the computer class or your French teacher, or even the mother of your best friend – you can do it with the right approach. All the relationships are displayed in a corresponding menu section where you can see the current level of affection between you and engage in various interactions with the selected heroine.

So what’s it gonna be? Will you choose to date your classmate or your older neighbor? Will you go in for science, become a pro gamer or a local rap legend? The possibilities are huge, and you can start discovering them right now playing Summertime Saga online!

Summertime Saga

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