In the Floating Sandbox simulation, gamers are in for something amazing, as you can create different scenarios. The game allows you to create and interact with various objects and materials in the aquatic environment. At the same time, physical laws work here.
The player can create their own scenes, add objects (ships, buildings, cars, etc.) and watch how they interact with each other and with the environment. Objects will move and behave according to the laws of physics, making the process a little closer to reality.

My own screenwriter!

One of the interesting aspects of Floating Sandbox is the ability to create various situations and scenarios – shipwrecks, car collisions or building destruction. The game also allows you to change scene parameters such as gravity, fluid density, and other settings to allow for some really varied experiments.
The application allows you to explore and experiment with physical laws, creating unique scenes and watching how objects react to impacts. This is an interesting and visually appealing game that will appeal to users of all ages.

Floating Sandbox

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