Meet People Playground, a sandbox simulation that allows players to interact with various objects and characters in the game world. In this application, you can create and destroy objects, conduct various experiments and observe their results.

Build your game world!

The main feature is the freedom of action and the ability to experiment with all kinds of reactions of objects. Any user can create their own scenarios, test weapons, and interact with the characters of this unusual sandbox.
The game generally offers a fairly rich range of tools and elements (weapons, explosives, electricity, gravity, etc.). Users can activate them one by one, or in combination.
The graphics are made in a pixel style, which gives it an appearance somewhat reminiscent of the popular minecraft style. The game offers users endless possibilities for creativity, it is an organic location, but not a virtual world. And the most unusual thing is that there is no plot as such – it’s just that absolutely everything here depends only on you, right up to creating the image of the characters.

People Playground

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