This is a computer game that first appeared with the Windows Vista operating system. It is designed for children and offers various tasks and puzzles.

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In Purble Place, users meet characters known as “Purbles”. The main emphasis is on the development of various skills and abilities, such as logical thinking, perseverance and visual perception. The game consists of three main modes:
Comfy Cakes. Here you are invited to bake cakes following certain instructions. The challenge is to create cakes with a specific color, shape, and decorations that match the requirements.
Purble Shop. Here, players must recognize and memorize the features of the Purbles, such as their color, eyes, and face. They then have to recreate them correctly in the store by selecting the appropriate details and embellishments.
Purble Pairs. This game is a classic “Find a Pair” game. You must open cards with pictures of Purbles and find their pairs based on their appearance.
Purble Place offers a simple and friendly play experience for kids that encourages the development of various skills that are important in life. It has colorful graphics and simple controls, making it accessible and understandable even for toddlers.

Purble Place

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