Do you want to be the protagonist of this incredible story? Then good luck! A variety of genres and plots are presented to you, including romance, drama, fantasy, adventure and much more.
You can choose to choose any of the presented scenarios. Make decisions, influence the course of events.
You can choose from various dialogues, actions, and decisions that shape the story and define relationships between characters.

Experiment with looks

One of the features is the ability to customize the appearance and character of the character. You can choose different styles of clothing, hair and make-up to create a unique look.
Episode – Choose Your Story offers the ability to create stories using the built-in editor. You can develop plots, add characters, set dialogues and create exciting adventures.
The game supports social features, allowing players to interact with other members, share their stories, and rate the work of other users. It’s a fun interactive experience where you can make decisions that affect the story and enjoy different stories and genres. This is a game for those who love stories and want to be part of an exciting and visually appealing virtual fantasy world.

Episode – Choose Your Story

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