This is an online game and at the same time a musical instrument developed by So Far So Good. Here, users can create their own compositions by combining different sound elements and rhythms.
The gameplay is based on a simple and intuitive interface. You are provided with a set of characters (beatboxers), each with their own sound effect or rhythm. Players can select characters and place them on stage to create unique combinations of sounds.

Addictive gameplay

The game features several “episodes”, each with its own unique theme, style, and set of sounds. For example, Incredibox Sympan is one of the episodes and focuses on symphonic sounds and orchestral instruments.
Incredibox not only offers the ability to create music, but also visually enlivens the process. Each character has a unique style and visual representation, and the combination of characters creates a visual show that accompanies the tracks being created.
Incredibox has become popular due to its simplicity, creativity and self-expression. It offers an interactive and inspiring way to create and enjoy music.

Incredibox Sympan

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