Get ready for a wild ride through the mind of a yandere, a type of character in anime and manga who becomes obsessively and violently possessive of their love interest! The hero is a high school student who has caught the eye of a yandere girl who is willing to do anything to win your heart. This girl will stalk you, manipulate your friends, and even murder anyone who stands in her way!

It’s not easy dating a yandere!

What’s going on in this game can only be described as insane. You have to balance your school life while keeping your yandere girlfriend happy. You can take her on dates, buy her gifts, and even confess your love to her. But beware, if you don’t give her enough attention or show affection to other girls, she might get jealous and start plotting her revenge!

Enjoy the romance and the madness!

One of the coolest things about this game is the level of customization. You can choose your own appearance, name, and personality traits, and your yandere girlfriend will react accordingly. You can even customize her looks and character, making her the perfect match for your hero. So set out on this crazy romantic adventure right now and see what comes out of it!

Yandere AI Girlfriend Simulator

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