Wanna find out what happened to the main hero of Summertime Saga? Here you go! The second chapter of the story about a young guy who is left an orphan and has to deal with it while also going through the usual teen problems contains a new round of adventures you’ll surely be fascinated to participate in. So without further ado, let’s start another summer and hope that it will be better than the previous!

You’re both the main hero and the author!

The game is designed as a visual novel, which means that rather than just walking around the gaming world and doing things in real time, you’ll get portions of events broken into scenes. Each scenes contains a certain situation that may be there just for the purpose of diversity and entertainment or may have a critical impact on the whole story. Visiting different places and talking to different characters will result in different scenes unfolding on the screen. So depending on where you decide to go today and who you choose to hang out with, your day can take a totally different course.

Speaking of days, Summertime Saga also has that division. There is daytime, evening and night when you’re supposed to sleep. Actually, going to sleep will automatically finish the day, so you should avoid it until you’re done with all the stuff you planned for today. Since the sleep phase is purely optional and you can do it any time, you can just end up wasting a good deal of playtime. However, it also works on the contrary. If you’ve been through some chapters faster than it’s supposed, you still have several days left when nothing is going to happen because the script says so. In moments like this, sleeping through the remaining time can really be very useful if you want to jump right to the interesting stuff.

Adventures, love and fun!

So what kind of stuff are we talking about? Just about everything! Visiting different locations, hanging out with friends, meeting new characters, going to various classes and of course establishing romantic connections. Love themes take up a huge chunk of the story which is nothing surprising given that we’re talking teenagers. And the main hero has a whole lot of options to choose from. It’s up to you to build the dialogue right and woo a girl you fancy in a way that will make her fall for you. So plunge into Summertime Saga 2 right now and have a great time!

Summertime Saga 2

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