The hero Peppino, who finds himself in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy, receives a call from the mysterious Pizza Face, who manages the mysterious Tower. The villain threatens to destroy Peppino’s restaurant, which brings our hero into a real rage. He decides to invade the tower and destroy it.
Along the way, Peppino meets various characters. He fights them and reaches the top of the tower.

What awaits you in the game?

After defeating Pizza Face, Peppino faces four bosses. He then immediately dispatches Pizza Head, trampling him into the roof and destroying the entire tower. As a result, Peppino, as well as the bosses of all floors, of course, manage to escape themselves.
While escaping the collapsing building, the player is given the opportunity to collect all the Secret Treasures in order to reach the “good” ending. The fact is that this game ends with two different endings: normal and true, which may differ depending on the player’s achievements.
So, Pizza Tower offers an exciting adventure that includes battles with different bosses, destruction of the tower and search for secrets. The game combines pixel art, unique gameplay and unpredictable storyline, allowing you to plunge into the world of 2D platformer adventures.

Pizza Tower

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