Here you have to overcome obstacles and collect game values by controlling a giant character. The goal is to overcome all levels, reach the finish line and earn the maximum number of points.
The giant automatically moves forward. The player’s task is to correctly tap the screen at the right time so that the character performs various actions: jumping, sliding, dodging obstacles and collecting useful items. It is important to choose the right moment and react in time in order to successfully overcome obstacles and avoid a collision.

Interesting game architecture

Giant Rush offers levels with different types of obstacles such as walls, holes, spikes and other obstacles. In the course of progress, the user may also encounter bonus levels or special tasks that add variety.
One interesting aspect is the ability to unlock new giants with unique skills and abilities. Each has its own characteristics, which will require you to constantly develop your game strategy, bring variety and strategic elements to the game.
Giant Rush has bright graphics, simple controls and a really fun atmosphere. Suitable for users of all ages, it can be a great way to spend time, have fun and experience a sense of excitement.

Giant Rush

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